Tradition as truth be told, I tell you in black and white and how it is understood. I am 30 years old I have allot of ambition also I am a summer baby.

Being that my birthday is during the summer season. I love special events to explore new experiences and make good memories that bring a smile to our faces and a tear to our eye. I prove positivity and light distinguished in my book and hope that it gives the impact of help and guidance within its approach to attain.

I choose to behave in a modern fashion, as these are my expertise in wanting miracles to happen also what it yours that is worth having and worth taking your while. I am a natural born healing person who likes to help others become the better version of themselves as I thrive endurance. I have two children who I was unable to take care of due to my mental health detreating due to overwhelming thoughts and feelings and unkindness.

I have dedicated my life’s worth into understanding mental health as a result of my book this catapulted and integrated me into this as part of my experience growing up with a lack of moral support, injustice also indecent role models to have to have looked unto.

I hope this book gives an insight to help understand the fears and struggles that make us more resilient.